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23 Jan
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"Don’t force someone to remember you all the time. Just stay silent and let them realize how they will be without you in their life."

Do you agree with the above saying? Do you believe that by being and staying away from the people who love you is the answer?

In my opinion, in some cases, it works and in some cases, it doesn't.

When do I think it works? Here it is.

When you are away from a person whom you really love and there is no other choice for the two of you then by being in touch from far apart then you can keep your relationship going.

Some things need effort and charging to stay alive.

Even if the two people still love each other the relationship needs to be kept warm and comforting by staying in touch with each other.


But it doesn't work when you know for sure that it is only you who loves the other side. Not only the forcing doesn't work at all but it may give you a reverse result. It means that the other side that doesn't love you as much as you do may get resented from you for being around too much.


It all depends on the situation and the depth of the relationship. If it is deep and real then don't lose your touch and keep going even by force, because some people need to be pushed. But if it is a one-way relationship don't even bother to be around.

The decision is yours but the above sentence makes sense in some situations.


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