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6 Nov
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Most of us have an experience traveling with an airplane, but do you know what are the things that we shouldn’t do while on an airplane?

The followings are the things that you should avoid doing while in an airplane.


Don’t sleep at the time of take-off or landing

When the airplane is taking-off or landing the pressure around you is constantly changing that may cause some irritation to your ears. So, try to be awake during the mentioned times.

The things that you can do to minimize the effect of pressure changing to your ears are; chewing gum, holding your breath for a second or two and then exhaling it, trying to yawn. If you sleep then you may encounter some problems like nausea, earache, or nose bleeding.


Don’t sit-down for the entire flight

Because of the low pressure in the cabin, your blood circulation decreases that may cause clotting. Blood clotting is very dangerous for your lungs, heart and brain. So, move around if your flight is long.

Of course it may be harder for those who are sitting in the middle or by the window, but remember your health is more important than anything else.


Don’t forget the time difference

Try to keep your body time with the time of your hometown. Don’t change your biological time.


Don’t forget to drink water

The air inside the cabin is dry and in order not to dehydrate try to drink water or any juices that the flight attendant give you. This is one of the most important things during your flight.


Avoid tea or coffee

Although it is more desirable to have a hot drink during a flight, it’s better to have water instead of tea or coffee. Because coffee or tea are made of the water from the inside of the airplane which may include some bacteria. The bacteria may cause you an illness if your immune body is not strong enough. So, don’t risk and drink water as much as you can and skip coffee or tea.


Don’t overeat

It’s advised not to full your stomach during a flight. Because your stomach may hurt you and cause some problems for you. Try not to finish the food that you are given.


Don’t drink sparkling juices or water

Any juice that is sparkling or carbonated is not very good for you during your flight. The pressure inside the airplane causes the increase of your body gas up to 25%. So, by having more carbonated drinks you add to it and the discomfort starts for your body.


Watch out for your meal tray


If you dropped some food on your food tray don’t eat it. Researchers say the tray is a very good place for different bacteria, even if it has been cleaned between each flight.   


Don’t take off your shoes

Another place that is contaminated is the airplane floor. So, try not to take off your shoes during your flight.


The things mentioned above are all for your health and safety. So, try to consider them the next time you are planning to travel with an airplane.


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