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21 Oct
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Many men may say they love somebody but how can we know who is telling the truth. What are the signs that we can know they are not lying? There are some signs that show how a man really feels about his woman.



He is a good listener

If a man really loves a woman, they listen not only to the voice of their favorite woman but to every word that they spell out. They respect their thoughts and advice.



He fights with you

When a man loves a woman he not only fights for her but sometimes he fights with her. That’s right with you. Sometimes it is important to solve the problems that come in life. It shows that he is interested in the relationship and it is precious enough for him to spend time on it.


He does everything for your happiness

This is a big sign. If a man is willing to change his plan for his woman it means that he respects the woman and wants her ideas or wishes come first.


He fights for your love

A man in love does everything to be next to his love. He wants nothing but to be next to his woman and doesn’t let anything to come in between.


He is proud of your achievements

When a man is in love he not only gets happy when his woman achieves something but feels proud that this achievement is somehow related to him. There is no jealousy for the woman they love.


You are always pretty to his eyes

There are some days that we don’t feel good and the same is true for our faces and appearances. A man in love makes you feel that despite your not feeling happy with your looks he thinks you are as pretty as always.


Not afraid of being vulnerable

Most men don’t like to show their feelings but a man in love doesn’t mind to show his fear of losing you.


These were some hints to know if a man truly loves a woman.

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