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9 Oct
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Different kinds of Criticism

 Different kinds of Criticism



There are few people who can accept criticisms and correct their mistakes based on them, mostly become so angry or scared of losing their job or position or even think that if somebody criticizes them, nobody will count on them furthermore.

Actually surrounded by a lot of critics could be a good sign, It means you’re doing great and you are a creative person who’s always looking for a new method or theory. Other situations which put you in the middle of criticisms are being a leader, speaking out or trying to change a wrong habit.

You should learn to choose between good and bad advice, not all the comments and criticizes should be ignored because you can learn a lot of things among those good pieces of advice.

There are different kinds of criticism which help you through your professional and personal life:

1)Professional criticism: This is about some writings which review movies or even restaurants, then points to their weak points. There are a lot of examples of this kind of criticizers who actually always disagree with the movies or places people truly love.

2)Constructive criticism: This is actually a kind of consultation, If you’re writing a storybook or papers or anything else which is going to be published publicly, you can ask people to read your writing and tell you how they feel, it will help you to change some parts which makes your books more effective.

3)Personal criticism: This is a common event these days, people easily judge and criticize everything they encounter on Internet, they criticize your weight, your face, your lifestyle, your family or even your name.

4)Trolling criticism: You should ignore these criticizers who try to know what are you most interested in, they will try their best you ruin your confidence by commenting irrational things on your page.

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