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7 Nov
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Iran is a country that has always been a good attraction for tourists. With its beautiful nature and sea at the north and the Gulf in the south and other beautiful sceneries at the western part of it, it is not surprising why. Not to mention the deserts in the middle of the country that have been very fun and entertained places for not only the tourists but native people as well.

The deserts are


Maranjab desert

Only four hours from Tehran, the capital you can find this beautiful desert. If you are looking for a desert that is not deserted very much then Maranjab is for you. There are always some tourists visiting and staying there.

To get there first you should go to Aran and Bidgol. By staying at caravansaries you can enjoy the starry sky of the desert at night.


Aboo Zayed Abad desert

The desert is located in the northeast of Kashan city. It can easily be reached and you can be apart from the city crowd for a while and enjoy the silence and peace that exist there.

There is a famous underground city which can keep people alive for a while because of its wonderful ventilator.


Mesr desert

The desert is located within 55 kilometers of Khoy in Esfahan province. The sandy hills are so big and beautiful that can be seen from very far.

Mesr is the name of a village in there and there are two other villages that you can stay there overnight and enjoy your night and if you like to ride a camel then this the place for you.


Halvan desert, Tabas

Tabas is a beautiful and touristy city and is in the west part of southern Khorasan. There is a very easy and good path to get there that can be wonderful for tourists. The beautiful palm trees and the old architecture of the city are the things that you can enjoy while staying there.


Haj Ali Gholi Damghan desert

The desert is in Semnan province, at the southern part of Damghan city. The Hasan Abad river that starts flowing from the northeast side of the desert has created a valley with the depth of five meters.

There are different paths that can take you there.


General points that you should know when going to a desert

Take lots of water with you (even more than what you usually need)

Choose light clothes and have warm ones for nights

If you are not using a tour it’s better to use a map or GPS

Have a scarf with you in case of sandstorm to cover your head and face


The best season for traveling to one of the Iranian deserts is autumn. So, don’t hesitate and make the plan now.


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