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10 Oct
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dangerous sports




Sports are done everywhere in the world. They keep our soul and body alive and healthy. Depending on our different tastes and talents different sports exist. Some are enjoyable, some need hardworking and some are dangerous. Let’s look at some sports that need more guts to do.


Base jumping

Do you think jumping from an airplane is dangerous? Think again…base jumping is something else. It was first developed by Carl Boenish in 1978 and the jumping can be done from any heights or high places either natural, like cliffs or canyons or manmade, like skyscrapers, bridges or towers.

Horse riding

Horses may look friendly and nice and maybe you dream of having a horse for riding but statistics show there are many people die every year by horse-riding. The kicks can be fatal and deadly if not careful, even falling from the horse while riding may cause serious damage to your health. So, next time you are on a horse you’d better watch out.

Scuba diving

People who are fascinated by underwater life may like this sport. By having breathing apparatus and diving to the deep blue you can experience a wonderful time under water. However, the sport has its own dangers and it is mostly about the pressure change that can happen to your body while swimming down there. Also, another danger that threats us may be from failure of diving equipment.

Bull riding

This is a rodeo sport that involves staying mounted on a bull for as long as possible while the bull tries to buck off the rider. It has been considered as one of the most dangerous sports in the world with damage to the neck, head, and face.


 It is a sport that tests balance, strength, flexibility, and control. You may think how can it be so much dangerous. Wrist fractures, spinal fractures, ankle sprains, cartilage damage are some of the various injuries involved. Therefore, as long as there is a risk for any of these damages the sport can be considered dangerous.


As everybody knows all those kicking and hitting on the face and head can damage the brain in the long run and make it easy for the one to suffer from Alzheimer or Parkinson in their later life.


Soccer with its popularity and huge fans around the world is one of the most dangerous sports in the world. Footballers’ body and brain are both in danger while running and playing the game, but as we said the passion for this sport makes the danger almost invisible.


It may sound strange but it is the most dangerous sport of all. It is not the bike itself but the other vehicles around the cyclist that makes it a dangerous activity. So, next time you are going to cycle or ride your bike make sure that it is in a safe place away from dangerous vehicles.

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