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12 Mar
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Next time if you are bored with your job at the office you should know that there are some people working out there who are risking their lives every day that they go to work.

Here are some of the most dangerous jobs in the world.


Supervisors of landscaping, lawn service, and groundskeeping workers

The job is so dangerous that the fatal injury rating is like 18 per 100000. So, it is considered a very dangerous job.


Electrical power-line installer and repairer

These people are risking their lives with a very high power of electricity every day. The fatal rating for these people is like 21 per 100000.


Farmers, ranchers and agricultural managers

You may not believe it that the fatal rate is 22 per 100000. Working with animals and problems relating to them is a great risk of life.


Truck drivers

Driving itself is dangerous enough and let alone driving trucks. The fatal rate is 24 per 100000.


Structural iron and steel workers

The rate for this category is around 30 per 100000. It’s not easy to work with structural iron or steel material.


Refuse and recyclable material collectors

Their fatal injury rate was approximately 39 per 100,000.



Their fatal injury rate was just under 40 per 100,000.


Aircraft pilots and flight engineers

Their fatal injury rate was slightly more than 40 per 100,000.


Fishers and fishing workers

Their fatal injury rate was about 55 per 100,000.


Logging workers

Their fatal injury rate was slightly more than 132 per 100,000 people, making logging by far the most dangerous industry in the U.S.


So, if you are not after a dangerous job considers the above jobs and don’t go after them. But if you are adventurous and don’t mind risking your life then go ahead and work in one of the positions above.


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