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8 Apr
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not only there is necessary and useful information on the internet but also is damaging and unhealthy content there, so parents should be aware of their impact on children, in this case, media literacy helps in order to keep the children safe from consequences of unproductive use.

How is it useful? If you learn media literacy and the appropriate way to use cyberspace, you can choose between information and contents, actually, you have a choice criterion.

These days, as children are so involved with Medias the relation between media learning and social learning have tied up. Media, in other words, the big brother, is now a fixed, irremovable member of every family, and society should accept that Medias are controlling us as a big brother and children are more exposed to its damages.

What are the solutions to this developing issue of every society? How can we keep the children safe from cybercrimes?

Schools are playing the fundamental role in every child’s life, they learn how to behave others, how to solve their problems and so many other issues are discussed in school classes, also cyberspace and its dangers are the issues should be discussed and teachers should introduce useful resources and describe them the consequences of misusing.

There is a theory named “The Media Triangle” which states a relation between Parents, students and teachers should be formed from very low ages and this is supposed to be a positive, formed, strong and focused relation and collaboration.

So it’s not easy to control or order children not to use the internet, also it’s a necessary part of life, so you should Protect them by setting limits and some rules. The most dangerous thing is chatting with strangers, FBI cautioned parents that not monitoring children’s activity can result in unpleasant events.

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