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6 Nov
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When we travel to a new country it is good to know about their culture so that we don’t get to any troubles. How much do you know about Australians? Here are some facts about the people living there.


Australian people are sports lovers. From 19 million Australians 7 million of them do different sports.

There are over 120 nationalities because it is a country of immigrants.

Australians love to celebrate and they celebrate all the days that are special to the different nations living there.

They like to enjoy themselves a lot and for that any holiday that comes they spend their time out eating and having fun.

They are also very interested in reading magazines and newspapers. There are over 1200 kinds of magazines published.

It’s impossible to talk about Australia and not talking about the blue color. Because of its beautiful beaches and the water activities that are done there, it is famous for the blue color and the blue color is very much seen in their flag.

They don’t call anybody’s first name for the first time they meet. Unless someone asks them to do so. In their offices, they do call each other by their first names.

If you meet someone for the first time just do the handshaking and avoid any hugging or kissing.

If you are invited to a restaurant or a coffee shop it doesn’t mean that you are treated and don’t have to pay the money. They simply are accompanying you.

If you are invited to someplace, make sure that you notify them whether you are going or not.

If you are going to meet someone and you can’t make it on time make sure you let them know about it.

Smoking is prohibited in the public places and offices.

After sneezing say excuse me.

Wearing local dresses at the offices is prohibited.


So, if next time you decide to travel to Australia make sure you consider the points mentioned above and avoid to have any possible problems with the people.

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