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5 Mar
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You have all heard about cowboys and a man armed with a gun riding a horse is the picture you imagine by hearing this word. Most of the people suppose that cowboys originated in America but this is wrong!

Cowboy means a person who is in charge of a group. The history of cowboys returns to the very old times in Spain. During centuries cowboys are changed and the invented new tools and ways. There are a lot of word they using in their daily life.

The word “Cowboy” appeared in 1725 and it’s translated from a Spanish word “Vaquero”. “vaca” means cow in Spanish.

They used to live in Texas and Florida states in California. Both Americans and Spanish cowboys shared the same characteristic and that was living and working in drier places. Most of them were herdsmen, but after some progress in 1865 there was a lot of benefits in selling meats, since then, most cowboys began to raise cattle, in addition to being herdsmen.

Every herd included some cows. Sometimes there were 2000 cows which were controlled by 8 or 9 cowboys. Their way was to gathering the herd in autumn and signing them by putting a hot iron on the animals’ bodies. By beginning the winter, they start selling the animals to east sellers, and then they came back to their lands.

There are also a lot of cowboys in America these days, but as they’re not written in statistics we don’t know exactly how many of them exist. But there’s a speculation of 3730 cowboys in America. Their job mostly includes feeding animals, taking care of sick or injured animals and also marking them.

They mostly wear long hats in order to be protected against sun, cotton handkerchief to use in dusty weathers, a legged boot for protecting feet (usually the tips of the boots is sharp so that the leg can easily be placed in the saddle race track.)

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