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8 Jan
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If you are planning to travel abroad and it's your first time that you go to a foreign country then try to choose a place that not only has peace and quiet for you but has the attractions that you really enjoy.

Here we have some suggestions that you may choose from


Berlin, Germany

Berlin is a city of art and culture. Their life is connected to theaters, operas, and other cultural things. The city has a very active nightlife and you can enjoy the nights that you spend there. The presence of celebrities and other international famous people also is an issue that you may enjoy.


Paris, France

Who doesn't know about the romance that is in Paris. It's a destination that if you go you will never forget about it. The good times that you can have in Disney Land is one of the best activities that tourists can experience. Don't forget about the art or different galleries, exhibitions or museums. You can walk in the streets and enjoy the walking or the foods and restaurants that are there and don't forget to order a cup of coffee with a piece of French cake. The shopping is also another enjoyment since Paris follows the latest fashion in the world.

London, England

London the capital of England is one of the cities that has always been a favorite destination for tourists. Greenwich Village, St. Paul's Cathedral, London Eye, Big Ben and also Hyde Park are just some of the places that are very popular to visit in the city.


Barcelona, Spain

It's a wonderful and beautiful city and most of the tourists enjoy the nature and the beaches and the breathtaking sceneries that are there. The architecture of the city is also very interesting. If you like historical places then it's a city for you.


Vienna, Austria

If you travel to Vienna and if you are into cultural things then this city is for you because there are many art galleries and museums that you can go to. Don't forget to walk in Belvedere that is near a palace and shop from Karntner Strasse.


Still, there are some other countries that you should miss if it's your first time. So keep following our articles for more suggestions.



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