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3 Dec
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“Customer loyalty is an important and valuable thing.” If you’re a successful marketer, so you believe in this sentence. Here we’re going to review some ways which easily help you to gain loyal customers.

Most of the people end their conversation with these kinds of sentences such as: “I had so much fun.” Or “let’s meet again.” Or “keep in touch.” Or even “Call me.” Selling process should be the same. I mean shaking hands shouldn’t be the end of seller and customer’s relation. Why? Because these days, those sellers who want to be the best, won’t put an end to their relationship with their customers at the end of the selling but they also make a friendly relation.

Being in touch is not just in favor of the seller, but also customers take advantage. There are many ways to keep in touch with customers that help them to use the products in the most regular way and also spend a little time.

One of the effective ways your customer will always remember you is providing after-sales service.Turn these services into your selling habits because as more loyal your customer is, your accessories will be sold sooner and also it affects the value of your products.

1) Business Card

This is a strong strategy. Your brand will get to your customer’s home by this card and every time they look at the card they remember you. Make smart choices about the content of cards. It should be contained of the date they bought from you and also it should remind them that you’re always available.

2) Unique quality and packaging

These days company owners are investing in the ideas of modern customers. One of the effective ways of providing sales services is the unique quality and packaging.

3) Coupon

You’ve just sold a product? Why don’t you guarantee the next one? Coupons are the best way to appreciate those customers who have decided to buy from you, not other brands.

4) Phone calls

Call your customers at last 30 days after their shopping. Don’t ask them to buy other things, simply ask them if they’re satisfied with your services or not.

5) Training

If your products are too varied and categorized or people become confused when they want to decide about buying the product they need, you should hold training classes.

6) Birthday emails

If you want to reach your customer after months of selling and prevent your brand from fading in your mind, congratulate their birthdays. It’s better to attach a sale coupon especially for them. 

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