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22 Jan
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We all experience bad times in our lives and have stressful situations but how can we pass those difficult times with the minimum of hurting ourselves?

Here are some points for you to control and manage your stressful situations.


Be ready

By being ready we mean that don't think that life always is without any problems and consider that sometimes bad things can come to our lives. Things like losing your loved ones, being or getting a serious sickness, getting fired and having no money and etc. If we have these thoughts in our minds then when they actually happen we don't get that much panic because we have been ready for that from before.


Take care of yourself

When your body and mind is healthy then you can manage the difficult situations better. Therefore, take care of your body by doing exercise and eat right. Also, by doing anything that makes you happy try to keep your soul alive and energetic too. Things like doing meditation, going out with friends or anything that makes you feel good.


Make yourself calm

In case of difficulties if you are anxious and stressful then your mind will not be able to work well and control the situation, therefore, the first thing you do when something bad happens is to make yourself calm and quiet. You can do that by breathing deeply, or even changing your place and whatever that makes you calm.


Find out about the problem

Sometimes the problem that we have is not very clear for us because we either have heard it from somebody or we have not been actually in the real situation. The first thing that you should do is to find out about the real situation and see what exactly has happened.


Make a plan

After you know exactly what has gone wrong then you need to make a plan to cope with it. Don't be scattered minded and try to focus on the best answer for your problem at the moment.



Now that you have made your plan it's time to act on it. By putting your plan on an action you not only make yourself calm but others as well.


Get help

We are all humans and we all may need help sometimes. Then don't hesitate and if you need help from others to cope your problem try to do so.


By considering the above points you will be able to deal with your hard times in no time. Be ready, make a plan and act. Then your problem will be much more manageable.

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