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11 Nov
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آموزش آنلاین زبان انگلیسی




We live in an era that air pollution is a factor that puts our health at risk. There are many countries that suffer more from the phenomenon and it can be due to many factors such as high population number, high level of factories and cars. Although there are some countries that have clean air and air pollution is not a problem for them. Let’s look at those countries and see why is that so.



This small European nation with its strict regulations and low population density has lack of air pollution.



The country has many green hills and open spaces along with the wind that blows most of the time from the sea to take away any pollution that may exist. The environmental regulations are also taken seriously. So, together it makes Ireland a place with no air pollution.



Sweden is a country that has progressed in many areas such as social, political and economic. It is a country with no air pollution and the wildlife is also taken care of carefully.


New Zealand

With the low population density and verity of wildlife in New Zealand, the air pollution of the country is none.



The citizens of Denmark are lucky enough to benefit from both the high quality of life and clean air that they breathe.



The country was the first country on the list for clean air and for some reasons it has fallen to the fifth rank. The forests present in the country contribute to the cleanliness a lot.


Brunei Darussalam

The country may not be very much known to people but in Asia, it has been able to keep the air clean in spite of its industrialization.



Forests and wildlife have little fear of pollution in this nation, much like its population, which perceives the maintenance of their clean air as being paramount.



It may be surprising to you because it is a large country but because of the climate, the population density is not very high. Canada is the second country that has managed to keep the air clean for the people to breath.



The country with the cleanest air in the world is Iceland. As the most sparsely populated country in Europe, Iceland has not had much trouble keeping air pollution at bay, especially since many areas are inhabitable due to the volcanic activity.


Hoping that we can have more countries on the above list.

آموزش آنلاین زبان انگلیسی




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