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10 Dec
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Who wouldn’t like to use the net for free anywhere and anytime while traveling?

Would you like to check your email while shopping or surfing the net while using a bus?

Then there are five countries that you can use the net for free anytime and anywhere you go.



While you are visiting Barcelona you can check your emails or use your social media while walking at the beach or when you are visiting famous and colorful buildings and tell others how wonderful it is to be in Barcelona. This beautiful northern Spanish city has a big and public Wi-Fi that is free for everybody and enables everyone to use it wherever they are from galleries and museums to the sunny beaches.



The city is one of the secluded cities in Australia but it doesn’t mean that you cannot use the net for free. You can use the net for free in most of the public places in Perth. Places like the city center, cafes, hotels, and airports.



The modern capital city of the south; Korea has been a city with the fastest internet lines for quite some time now. It’s where you can use the fastest web while walking in the streets. The net can be used for free in parks, museums, airport or even in taxis and buses.



It is the city of light and also the city of communications. With over 200 points of connection to the internet, Paris is a city that you can reach the net easily and for free. The places that you can use the free service are Notre Dame church, Louvre museum, and most of the attractive places in Paris.



The capital of Finland; Helsinki doesn’t need your password to let you use the net there because you can use the internet for free in most of the places there. The biggest part of the net is located in downtown but it doesn’t mean that you cannot use it in other places. You can easily be connected to the net for free even in the buses in Helsinki.


So, if you are traveling to one of these cities in the future then don’t worry about the net and share your beautiful moments with your loved ones.


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