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20 Dec
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What’s a holiday without delicious foods and drinks? During Christmas time special foods are served and here is a list of some of them.


Christmas cake

Fruitcakes are the most popular ones served or bought during Christmas time. it has been a tradition to eat fruitcake during this time. Some people may not like it but who can avoid holiday traditions?



It is another traditional food that people try and to avoid the meat dryness it is stuffed and served with gravy.



There are different kinds of puddings that are served during Christmas time. The puddings are in different tastes and depending on people’s tastes they are served during the holidays.


Bread sauce

Hundreds of years ago bread was used to thicken sauces and from then the bread became one of the traditional foods during the holidays. Not many people like them but still it is served in some places.


Brussels sprouts

This kind of veggie has become popular from two years ago. It is boiled, peeled and served in different forms either grilled or fried.



“egg-milk punch” or eggnog is a traditional drink in the US, but it is also becoming popular in the UK too. The alcoholic drink is the one that is used while people meet each other for the holiday and it is one of the traditional drinks that is most people’s favorite.


Since many people around the world celebrate Christmas then there are other traditional foods and drinks from all over the world and our list is only about the traditional foods in the US and UK.

What is the traditional food in your country? Do you use any of the foods mentioned above for your holidays?

Enjoy the spirit of Christmas and don’t forget to share the spirit with the less fortunate.

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