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22 Nov
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It all starts from December 25th, the birth of Christ. It is called Christmas and is one of the biggest holidays in the US. Christmas brings with itself a lot of joy and happiness for the families. People start shopping way back from December to be ready for exchanging gifts on the day. Shopping, decorating houses and shops and streets, getting ready to go on vacations and going on trips, getting ready to meet friends and families who are away from you are all part of the big event happening in Christmas that continues to the big day of New Year’s Eve and day. This special one week is the most joyous holiday for people.



The shops are now decorated with pine trees and beautiful gifts wrapped in even more beautiful gift wraps. They are decorated in a way to attract the attention of customers who come to buy something for the celebration. The color used for most of the decorations are red and green. So, shopping is wonderful at this time of the day.


Pine tree

The pine tree is the symbol of Christmas and it can be found in all the houses. People decorate it with colorful ornaments and put their gifts under the tree and wait until it’s Christmas day. It is when they exchange gifts and presents to share the joy of Christmas.


Christmas day

The day is a holiday and no one goes to work or school. Family members usually gather in front of the pine tree for the presents and spend time together. The lunch or dinner is for the family gatherings or even with close friends. Some people even go to churches to celebrate the birth of Christ.


Plans for the holiday

Most of the people travel around the US or go abroad to have fun during the holiday. Since many people in the US live in different states for the sake of their jobs they find the holiday an opportunity to spend some time with their loved ones and families. So, traveling is a big business on this holiday.


New Year

After a week they are getting ready for the New Year to come. Again most people have a party or gathering either at homes or streets and squares to count the numbers to get to midnight. It’s when the new year starts and people celebrate it with dancing, drinking, and just having fun until morning.


All in all, Christmas has a wonderful feeling and brings the best in people. People’s mood is changed for the best and everywhere that look at is beautiful and nice to watch. Of course, people never forget about the needy and less fortunate people. Christmas joy and happiness should be shared and spread everywhere and with everybody.

Merry Christmas and happy New Year.

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