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16 Jan
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There are some interesting things about chocolate and it also has a lot of benefits. You should there is no relationship between chocolate and weight loss. Bitter chocolate has more benefits rather than sweet one but they got also calories, fat, and sugar.

Consuming a little amount of chocolate every day can affect our health. The main properties of chocolate are:

1) Decreasing the chance of stroke

According to the search results of Swedish researchers in 2011, women who consume more than 45 grams of chocolate the chance of stroke gets 20 percent lesser than who consumes less than 9 grams.

2) Increasing the heart health

Usually, who consumes chocolate constantly have a healthy heart. Reducing blood pressure, reducing LDL and decreasing the chance of heart disease are the benefits of heart. One of the reasons of a bitter chocolate is the anti-inflammatory properties which reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

3) Never feel hungry

If you’re the one who consumes chocolate constantly, you never feel hungry and this is because of the high fiber content. Who loves chocolate enjoy a little piece of chocolate instead of a lot of junk food.  

4)Decreases the risk of diabetes

A research shows that constantly consuming of chocolates increases the sensitivity to Insulin. So it may reduce the risk of diabetes.

5) Skin protecting

Skin health is one of the benefits of bitter chocolate. Flavonoids are antioxidants in bitter chocolate that product your skin against ultraviolet radiation. But you shouldn’t forget using sunscreen cream.

6) Making you happy

Undoubtedly enjoying from its taste is a thing nobody denies. These enjoy makes you happy and cheerful. Who regularly consumes chocolate is less nervous.

7) Sight strengthen

Improving blood flow is one of the chocolate benefits. Reading University has provided some research result which shows that chocolate can improve the blood flow in Retina.

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