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10 Jan
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China is the country that you can see its name anywhere that you go. Why do you think that this country is so successful? Here we talk about the reasons why it has happened.


Committed government

The government in China is very much committed to concentrating on economic growth and has quickly implemented good policy decisions. With the current government, nothing has distracted the flow, including changes in leadership, ideology and community politics.


High rate of savings

Saving is a factor that has helped China to be a leader country in industry. The salaries that are paid to workers are saved in four state banks. The money then is used by the leadership to focus on key projects. About 85% of China’s infrastructure has been sustainably funded by this capital.


Considering models and showcases

China has understood the strength of this industry. Showcases and modeling are considered seriously and a part of its developments is based on this industry.


Producing business branches

China has successfully created several flexible investment zones, free trade zones, high tech zones, and export processing zones, along with tax incentives and proper infrastructure. They score over other countries in factors like speedy approval of investment proposals and building of solid infrastructure.


Business is the most important thing

In China, nothing is more important than the business itself. Ideology, cultural or political differences have no effect on the businesses in China.


Ability to answer quickly

Again, China has been able to make quick turns in strategy and redirect its resources into computer science, biotechnological engineering, law, economics, management, and higher education. The country’s policies regarding studying abroad are flexible, permissive and supportive, and incentivize strong graduates to return to China.


Placing Chinese interest above all

Although there is no effect of differences that exist among people the government is very sensitive to Chinese interests. Maybe this is another reason why China is more successful than other countries.


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