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15 Oct
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Child Marriage

Child Marriage 



Child marriage is wrong, even if a teenager is smarter and more experienced and mature than the others! Why? Because at an early age, nobody has the ability to handle the challenges of life.

One of its most damaging effects is physical and mental problems that young couple will face. So, even the rules of a society allow children to marry, reaching that specific age isn’t an appropriate standard due to some necessary life skills everyone has to gain in order to be able to manage an independent life.

Some families believe that early marriage can prevent children from getting stuck in moral corruption. These kinds of marriages are based on their parent’s economic support.

Usually, these marriages are forced on young couples in some countries and social research indicates that the reason for this issue is mainly poverty, racial traditions and the motivation of protecting girls from sexual issues.

Marriage is one the most decisive events in every human’s life and it should only happen in a full emotional maturity status, every human need a long time to reach this value of maturity in order to manage social and family life.

How much damage does child marriage do? It’s depended on the city or village where this issue is happening, if children marry in a small village, the physical and mental damages would be lesser than a children marriage in a big city because everyone in a small village learns how to manage problems from an early age, actually they’re more mature than city inhabitants.

Teenagers and children who have been forced to marry at an early age, over time they will suffer from mental and psychological problems as they didn’t get their childhood and adolescence in an appropriate way. Unfortunately, there are many reports of these suicides which have happened because of this social issue.

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