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27 Jan
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It is always good to do charities and to be a part of something that you know will help someone who is in need of that. Doing something for people in need and not expecting them anything in return gives you a good feeling. But how can you pass the message to your children or next generation?

Here are some points for you as parents for how to teach your children to do charities.


Be a role model

As a parent, you don’t have to tell your children to do good things for others because the best way to encourage them is to do it yourself. Children are always looking at their parents as their role models, therefore, they will do whatever you as a parent do. So, your action is all you need.


Make a target

To teach your kids let them know the reason you are helping especially if the help is in money. Give them the reason why you are helping and what are the good outcomings.


Make a plan

After knowing about the target and letting your kids know about it then it’s time to make a plan for it. By doing so your children learn that after each target or purpose in life they should make a plan to get there. For example, if you want to help with money then plan for it and see how much your child can contribute.


Don’t forget to work with others

Sometimes to do charities you need to work with others too. Teach your children how to get close to other people and encourage them to contribute and be a part of charities.


Be the first to donate

When your children see you that you are always a pioneer and don’t just wait for others to do something then they get the message instantly to be the first one too.

Remind your children that doing good things for others is always an acceptable manner.


By considering the points mentioned above you don’t have to tell your children how to do charities but by doing so they will look up to you and follow your steps.

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