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4 Nov
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Which is the most popular country that students like to study abroad? The answer is Canada.

Here are the reasons why it has been chosen the most popular country.


Canada a place for immigrants

One of every six Canadians is immigrants. Many parents like their children to go to Canada to study because it is a safe place and it provides many facilities for immigrants.


Best universities in Canada

All Canadian universities are public-funded and provide the high-quality education service for international students. The quality of Canadian education has surpassed the US and is the second place in the world.


Affordable cost of studying

The cost of studying in Canada is lower than other countries because students can have part-time jobs. The environment is safe and the prices are affordable then it can be a perfect place for students to study.


Which province in Canada is the best

Canada, situated in northern North America and spans a vast, diverse territory between the North Pacific Ocean to the west and the North Atlantic Ocean to the east and the Arctic Ocean to the north, with the United States to the south and northwest?

The weather is very different from province to province. For example, the western city — Vancouver, each season there seemed like spring. However, in the eastern provinces, winter can actually freeze people.

The choice of Ontario province is destined to be in prosperity. If you study in Toronto, Ontario, you can fully experience the beauty of Canada. Ontario is a beautiful province that many Canadians are proud of.

First, Ontario is an important geographical position, and the big city — Toronto in here. Also, Ottawa, which is Canada’s capital, is located in Ontario as well.

The world’s famous Niagara Falls is here too. Furthermore, compared to other provinces, most elite schools are concentrated in Ontario.


Now, if you want to study in Canada first see what climate is your tolerable one and then get help from the sites online to see what universities or colleges can be there for you.

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