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14 Nov
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Jasper National Park Canada is famous for its beautiful nature and national parks. The most breathtaking sceneries and nature are found throughout the country. Jasper Park is a national and beautiful park in the region which we are going to talk about it.

Jasper Park was opened in 1907 and it was known as a national park in 1930. It is located in the province of Alberta and is 11000 square kilometers wide which makes it one of the biggest national parks that are located in the Rocky Mountains.

The beautiful features that can be named are glaciers, warm springs, lakes, waterfalls and the magnificent mountains. The park has been listed in UNESCO in 1984. Jasper park not only has the natural attractions like mineral springs, meadows, valleys and its fantastic lakes and rivers but it has another thing that attracts tourists each year and that is its wildlife.

There are about 70 kinds of mammals living there. Animals like moose, the North American dear, black bear, coyote and the horned sheep are the ones that can be mentioned. There are other animals that live in highlands such as antelopes, golden eagle, and other birds.

Because of the high number of tourists and nature lovers the park has prepared proper and suitable places for them to stay. Places like the very luxury hotels to the camping tents that can be used for those who want to spend more time in nature.

There is also a mountain called Colima that attracts many mountain climbers to the park to do the mountain climbing and enjoy the scenery from the top of it.

During the warm months, people can enjoy doing different activities such as camping, hiking, fishing, biking, mountain climbing or rafting.

During the cold months, the activities can be changed to ski or snowboarding.


These were just a small part of Canada’s beauty and nothing is more interesting and fun than to actually going there and enjoy it by yourself.

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