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30 Dec
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Some people like to travel around and stay in nature which we call ‘camping’. Camping may look nice and easy but it has its special kind of things that need to be considered carefully. Things like the place that you want to camp, the things you need to have with yourself and other safety facts that should be considered.


Suitable place to camp

A tent is what you need to stay in and the place that you need to pitch your tent for camping should have the following parameters:

Pitch your tent away from the blowing strong winds. Have your tent’s entrance opposite of the blowing wind.

Have a proper distance from your tent to the rivers that may be around you and don’t stay in valleys or places that may be in danger of flood.

Avoid the places that are for wild animals or even domestics.

Avoid the places that are near freeways or highways.

Avoid the places that are under cliffs or rocks or the places that there is a chance of rocks falling down.

If you are in a mountainous place, try to choose a safe place to be away from an avalanche.

Be in a place that water is available.

Be in a place that your tent is easily seen in case of emergencies.


After you choose the right place to pitch your tent try to put everything neat and clean inside of your tent. Nobody likes a place that is not clean and neat. Put the things you need to use handy and put away the things that you don’t need in your backpack and put it in a corner.

We all need to feel safe while camping outside so here are some other points that you need to have in your mind while camping to be safer.


Being away from dangerous places

Being away from icy cracks

Being at a suitable distance from trees

Regarding the fire camp distance from your tent

Avoid taking any inflammatory inside your tent

Use LED lights for the inside space

Having first aid box

Keep the food that smells in order not to attract animals


If you consider these points and have a great companion to be with you while camping, then you will enjoy your journey.

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