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18 Oct
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We as individuals have our own special blood types and interestingly some people believe that our blood type can tell us about our characters.

There are basically four blood types; A, B, AB and O. Let’s look at different blood types and the characters indicating each.


Personality characters 


People with type A

Serious, coherent, calm, cool and patient

Reliable and can be trusted on but sometimes stubborn

They plan beforehand and go after that with seriousness and consistency

With judging others, they try to be fair

They also tend to keep themselves separate from others, especially those who do not have the same opinion with them

Also, they tend to be introvert and don’t like to show or share their emotions and feelings with others except at the times when they feel like it


People with type B

They are extremely curious about everything

Have problem with multitasks

If they start doing something they do it as best as they can but they may forget about other tasks that they have

And also they tend to be loners and away from others


People with type AB

They easily become lost in thoughts

Are gentle and emotionally sensitive

They are considered to have two personalities because they don’t show their real characters

Have many friends around but sometimes prefer to have private time for themselves

Are very careful about other people point of views


People with type O

They are usually not good leaders, they tend to be followers and go after whatever is dictated to them

They are very generous and kind and because of this character they have many friends around

Are very flexible and adapt easily to any change that may happen

Because they are mostly followers then they are easily affected by others and get influenced by any authorities

You can trust them because they are trustworthy but due to lack of focus, they may make some mistakes sometimes.


The characters mentioned here are just some beliefs that people have. But there sure should be something true about them that has been printed and pointed out in many places in the world. You can check it out with your own blood type to see if they are true.


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