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30 Nov
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Have you ever thought why people look for the black box when an airplane crashes? Or have you ever wondered why the black box tolerates the crash and doesn’t get destroyed but the airplane is completely destroyed?

There are some secrets about black boxes that are mentioned in the following text.

 George Colene; the famous comedian once said: why do you think the airplane makers are more worried about the black box than the airplane itself?

The comedian actually brought up a good question to make some people busy with the question. But the truth is that the engineering of the box is completely different from the airplane. It is predicted that making the box is going to be eliminated in the future.


What is a black box?

The black box is a name for a box that records all the flight information during the flight using its special parameters. After each event that happens for a plane engineers and specialists refer to the box to get the information needed to know more about it. It is made from aluminum to be light.


The black box is not actually black

In the case of an accident for the plane, many parts of it may not be clear and visible, so the black box is reflective orange to be recognized easily. The term black box was used by Mata Harry in 1942 for the first time and after that, the media and flight engineers used the term periodically and today the name is fixed for the box.


The box is very resistant

The box is made after doing many tests on that. Resistance to salt water, chemical ruining, hitting, the pressure of sea depth, and burnings are just samples of the tests that it has to go through. It is said that the memory is the most important part of the box.

French is the second language

The second language used in the box is French because French had an effect on airplane industry their language also was used in the box. Many protests have been done for this action but the problem still stays there.


Let’s hope that the box is never used and all the airplanes get to their destinations safe and sound.

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