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7 Nov
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Best hotels in France

Best hotels in Paris.




If you’re going to travel to France you’ll encounter attractive architectural building across the country. You should visit Paris, Annecy, and Antibes and enjoy their incredible nature.  In order to experience a great trip, you should make sure you’ve reserved a good hotel. Here we are going to introduce you some weird, luxury and beautiful France hotels.

1) Shangri-La Hotel

You’ll be drowned in France history as you step inside this hotel, this was once the House of Bonaparte Family and this is why it’s categorized under the luxury hotels. This hotel owes its popularity to the Eifel tower view which surprisingly his brother’s grandson, Prince Bonaparte didn’t like about this hotel. You have some minutes walking from hotel to the main subway station, but actually, guests don’t usually leave this hotel because of its delicious foods and many beautiful spaces.

2) Le Moulin du Roc Hotel

It’s an exclusive and private hotel which is located next to a green and beautiful garden. It’s been used as a factory and has only 15 rooms so it offers a peaceful place to guests and also its different accommodation like Tennis court, pool and luxury restaurants have made it a famous hotel.

3) Chateau Hotel

This hotel is located on the edge of Mediterranean Sea, a few kilometers from Monaco.It’s a 400 years old building with absolutely modern rooms equipped with Wi-Fi and Television. Many of the rooms have stone walls and ocean view, the best place of this hotel is a glass wall facing the Mediterranean Sea.

4) L’Emprial palace, Annecy

This hotel reminds you of France special historical period. It’s been built beside the Annecy Lake in 1913. If you want to take some distance from urban life it’s the best choice for you. Most of the rooms and suites include private balconies. 

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