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24 Apr
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If you look at the issue of intelligence as a flexible subject instead of a fixed and irreplaceable one, it leads you to get more progress in your lessons. This is especially true for people who consider themselves to be low-intelligence individuals.

Can people become smarter? Are certain social and ethnic groups more intelligent than other groups? Contrary to the evidence, the majority of people assumes that each person's intelligence is constant and that some are more intelligent than the others or some of the social groups are superior to and more intelligent than others.

For example, misconceptions such as the fact that men are more intelligent than women, or that white people have a higher level of intelligence than black people have caused these misconceptions. Psychologists call this phenomenon a "stereotypical threat."

A number of psychologists have been thinking about this social problem and have done social research. They taught African, American and European American students to perceive intelligence as a changeable subject, not a constant, which has been tracked by many social types of research that intelligence level is not fixed and can be upgraded. They also placed a group of students in the control group and did not teach them this subject.

The result of the research was that students who learned about the issue of intelligence flexibility were able to upgrade their grades while the control group score remained same as past. The first group also paid more attention to their school and homework. The more interesting issue was that black students used this issue more than white students and this was the success of these psychologists in their experiments to eliminate stereotypical threats.

The research showed us that if you believe that you can be smarter than yourself now, it will make you smarter, and this is especially true for more people who are under the pressure of stereotypical imagery.

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