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4 Jan
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What is the difference between a journalist and a reporter?

A journalist is someone who investigates, collects and writes about news and makes it ready for the media, newspapers, magazines or the internet. We can count on a journalist as a good source of any news.

A reporter, on the other hand, is someone who directly goes after the news, plans for interviews and makes the news ready to be reported either written or spoken.

They can work for big organizations, or for a freelancer writers or even for anybody who pays them to do so.

Reporters can be generalists or be specialized on a certain topic, for example, sports, politics or lifestyle.

Of course, both can have dangerous jobs because they may want to cover a story that is about an area involved in war or other chaos happening in the world. They know that their job is not away or apart from danger.

There are other sub-branches relating to the mentioned job like an editor who gets the news and makes them ready in a written form to be offered to newspapers or magazines.

People who are adventurous, curious, brave, persuasive and have a good sense of getting the news are good candidates for the job either as a journalist or a reporter.

If you don’t have these characters and wish to be a reporter or a journalist, then go near the job. You should also be a good writer and be good in gathering and collecting news so you should have an organized mind to put the news in order to be in a reporting way.

Any job has its own properties and the jobs mentioned above are not exceptions.

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