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9 Jan
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One of the prestigious jobs in the world is to be a lawyer. But do you know how to become one? The following text is about the steps that you should take to become a lawyer.


First step: complete a bachelor’s degree

If you want to be a lawyer then the minimum education that you need to complete is a bachelor’s degree in fields such as English, political science, economics, business, philosophy, or journalism.


Step two: get ready for the test for law school

Once you have finished your four-year studies and got your bachelor degree then make yourself ready for the test that you should pass in order to enter the law school. The examination includes five multiple-choice question sections and an unscored writing sample. The LSAT measures candidates’ skills in critical areas of future legal work, including reading comprehension, information management, analysis and critical thinking, reasoning, and argumentation.


Step three: choose the law school you would like to attend

After passing the two steps and passing your LSAT then it’s time to choose your favorite law school and fill their applications. With each law school comes special regulations that you should accept in order to enter the school.


Step four: finish your juris doctor degree

Prospective students should have knowledge of the faculty, areas of study, tuition, and curriculum prior to applying. There are numerous specialties within legal practice and students should select a program that offers a focused curriculum in their area of interest. For example, students may choose to concentrate in areas of real estate, property, criminal, environmental, tax, or family law. Typically, students can complete their Juris Doctor in three years of full-time study.


Step five: pass the bar examination

When you finish your studies in law school then in order to be able to work in different states you should pass a bar exam. The exam shows that you are certified as a lawyer.


Step six: advance your career

There are many opportunities for lawyers to advance their careers. Freshman lawyers generally start out as associates, working closely with seasoned lawyers to hone their craft. After several years of successful practice, attorneys may rise to become partners in a firm while others may choose to open their own law office. Some may move beyond practicing law and become a judge or shift into public positions. Lawyers may also pursue further education at both the masters and doctoral levels. The Master of Law (LLM) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) are two common choices for lawyers interested in careers involving research and academic scholarship.

By following these six steps you can be a successful lawyer.

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