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24 Oct
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They are inseparable from our lives. Whenever we go shopping they are there. Plastic bags have been around us for quite some time now, but recently there has been negative feedback for their existence and because of it some people and cities have banned the usage of plastic banns. Let’s look at the reasons why.



Plastic bags pollute our land and water

They are lightweight and they can be blown away by the wind to the very far distances like seas and oceans. They also get caught up in the fences and trees and make them ugly and trashy.


Made from non-renewable resources

The majority of plastic bags are made of polypropylene, a material that is made from petroleum and natural gas. Both of these materials are non-renewable fossil fuel-based resources and through their extraction and production, they create greenhouse gases, which contribute to global climate change.


Never break down

Because of their texture, they don’t break down and degrade instead they will be broken into tiny pieces that are transferred to oceans and seas around.


Harmful for wildlife

It has happened that sometimes birds or other animals think the plastic bags are food and they eat them. It can cause them some diseases and even suffocation. They can also be easily tangled in plastic bags.


Harmful to human health

Since the residue of plastic bags gets to the ocean and fish may feed on them it can eventually get to human bodies who use the fish feeding on them.


Hard to recycle

As plastic bags tend to get caught in recycling machinery, most recycling facilities do not have the capacity to recycle plastic bags and therefore do not accept them. As a result, the actual recycling rate for plastic bags is about 5%.

Other alternatives Reusable shopping bags are very durable and can be reused many times over the course of their useful life. The manufacturing of reusable bags is also another opportunity to create sustainable products and the jobs that go with them.

Some countries banned the plastic bags More than 40 countries have banned the usage of plastic bags. The United Nations Environmental Program Secretariat has recommended a ban on all plastic bags globally.

When we know about the harm of a product then we should also do something about it. Knowing and not doing something is a great loss for humanity.


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