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10 Aug
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Avoiding back pain at work

How to avoid back pain while sitting too much at work.
Sitting for too long is harmful for your neck and back bone. A major reason for getting overweight is sitting too much that causes stress for your body which in turn follows too much eating. Employed people who have to work 8 hours a day and sit behind their desks can suffer from back pain. How to avoid that pain can be followed by some simple tips that are mentioned below.
Suitable posture:
Try to sit right on your chair. What is the right way?
You should sit on your chair in a way that your buttock to your knees are on the seat.
While using your computer put your wrist and arm in a way that they are in a straight line not bended.
Your head and neck should be in a straight position facing your monitor
Turn your neck to right and left from time to time
Your arms and shoulders should be in a comfortable situation
Keep the sole of your feet on the floor and if you are not tall enough for that put something under your feet
Stand up and move around:
According to researchers your body can tolerate only 20 minutes of sitting in a same position. Get up or stretch your body for 30 seconds.
Put your monitor in a proper place:
The distance between your eyes with your monitor should be about 50 cm. Try not to put it in front of a window so you don’t get any reflection while using it, because it makes your eyes tired.
Take care of your neck:
If you have to type something put your papers in a way that you don’t have to bend your neck for too long. You can use paper clippers to hold your papers for you in front of your eyes.
Clean your working table:
Most allergies are caused by dusts and since there are lots of things on your desk you may have a risk of getting allergy if they are not properly cleaned.
Don’t use your table as your eating table:
Don’t put too much snacks on your working table. As you work and get tired you get hungry and if you have different snacks near you , you start eating a lot that causes overweight. At least if you must have something to eat while working try to have some nuts around.
Have a beautiful working table:
You are spending a lot of time at work so why not enjoying it during the day. You can decorate your table with the pictures of your loved ones or just use a green plant to have some color and energy around.
When you’re done with your job try walking back home if you can. It’s a good exercise for you to activate that body of yours. By using these tips you can be sure that your body gets rid of that killing back pain that usually happens for the employees.
Work – exercise and enjoy life.

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