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6 Nov
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Everybody knows Athens is one of those countries that attracts many tourists each year. With its many historical places and many museums a tourist never gets bored there. Here are some activities that you can do while in Athens that cost you nothing and are free.


Watch guards changing

One of the fun and free things that you can do there is watching the guards who are guarding the grave of “an unknown soldier” change their places. They are wearing a special and local costume and walk in a special way that is interesting to watch.


Free museums

If you are interested in going to museums and look at antique and historical things, then there are some special days that the museums are free and you can visit the places without paying. Even in some undergrounds, there are some historical things that are kept and you can see them for free.


National parks

Another free thing is the national park that is at the center of the city. It is easy to go and has tall palm trees, rummies baths, playgrounds, a duck pool and a vast green area for you to have a rest and relax.


Walk in history

Just by walking in the streets you can feel yourself walking in history and enjoy being a part of it. Some of the streets are the oldest ones in the world and the buildings around you also have interesting views that get your attention.


Free festivals

Enjoy attending the free festivals that take place on special days in Athens. Festivals like, the movie festival that takes place from June to September each year, or Apokries Greek Carnival is another one that if you travel to Athens on February then you can enjoy it.


Watching sunset

Cape Sounio is a famous place that can be a good place to spend some time in and watch the sun to set. The scenery is breathtaking.


Don’t forget the beaches

You don’t have to travel to one of the islands to use a beach. There is a free and beautiful beach called Athens Riviera that can be used as a sheltering place from the summer sun.

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