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1 Feb
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In the world today where there are wars and chaos everywhere it’s no wonder that some people want to leave their hometowns for a better life and more safety.

Many people today seek asylum for many reasons. The following article has the reasons why people may leave their lands.


Political asylum

Those who have been activists against their own government and now they don’t feel safe in their country seek this type of asylum. Political asylum usually is acceptable by the other countries.


Racial asylum

You may think that this kind of asylum is not done anymore but the truth is that still in some places and countries there are people who think of other races as minorities. So, the minority doesn’t feel safe anymore and tries to leave the country.


Religious asylum

As the name implies people with different religions and beliefs may not feel comfortable in their homelands anymore. They want to practice their religion but the majority doesn’t let them or they have to practice it privately.


War asylum

In the regions or countries where there are war and battles, people want to flee the country to feel safe and have a better life. The people usually flee to the countries that are their neighbors and seek asylum. Sometimes, they risk their lives to do so because the borders are dangerous and unsafe. Many people usually die depending on the season and the routes and paths they choose to flee the country.


Social asylum

Sometimes it’s not any of the above reasons but the person thinks that he/she is not improving in the country. They are looking for a better and more modern place to improve their education or job opportunities. The destinations are usually the modern countries with the highest rate of technology.


As you can see many people may leave their homes to seek a better lifestyle for different reasons. But let’s hope that someday the countries and regions in the world are so safe and nice to be in that no one even dreams of leaving the place and seek asylum.

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