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12 Nov
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What is art?

Anything that is created by artists can be called art. It can be a painting, a poem, a picture or other forms of art. What are different forms of art? Here is a list of them.



Painting is the most familiar form of art. It should be noted that painting is a general word and there are many branches that come out of it depending on the material used. The material can be acrylic, watercolor, mural, etc. Also, the subjects are different, they can be from nature, people, living beings, objects, events, places to many other things.



While driving or walking in the streets you have seen statues or carvings or even monuments. These are another form of art called sculpture. The artwork is three dimensional and can be made from different material such as rock, wood, clay, plastic, stone or others.



We are all familiar with this form of art too. one way or another we all have done the photography even with our own cell phones. Like other forms of art this one too has different types and sub-categories. Black and white photography, fashion photography, glamour photography, portrait photography, wedding photography, astrophotography, digital photography, fine art photography, nature photography, and still life photography are some types of this kind of art.


Digital art

We live in computer and technology era and art is following the same era. The different types of digital art or computer art is the ones we encounter every day in the net like websites, video games, clip arts, and templates. TV commercials and web advertisings are also other forms of it.


Movie making

Though movie making, or filmmaking, is one of the modern visual art types, it is a broad category that includes several other art forms. Scriptwriting, music, lyrics, dialogues, cinematography, and others are some forms that converge into movie making. Further, by including audio and video into movie making, it offers the audience a complete picture.


As you can see art world is endless. Each one of them brings another world to life and can be considered a major one. No matter what type it is art is a creation of humans.


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