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14 May
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These days, educational software, both at school and at home, is commonplace to common educational tools, and parents also have a lot of questions about the educational and recreational software their children are dealing with. How can the content of such software be ensured? How can children help them get the most out of this software and how much time should they spend on using this software?

An experiment was conducted at a New York University in which the impact of popular software on 95 students was examined. For 6 weeks, these 4 to 5-year-old students used the software for 12 to 15 minutes. After a week, students who regularly used these software programs developed in a variety of areas. So, software developers should be sure to try their software before releasing them in certain periods.

The good news for parents is that if your children receive proprietary links like App Store or Play store, then these software programs are already being reviewed by these companies and have the right content. If you are not familiar with a particular brand, you can use websites that specialize in selecting content for children.

The answer to the question of how much children should spend on using this software is difficult because the answer depends on the personality of each person. Some children are careful and need more time to answer questions so that they can choose the right answer. Others may be able to choose the correct answer faster. Good software should provide different speeds for advancing in the lessons.

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