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26 Dec
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Thanks to the technology era we don’t have to go door to door to find a job. By using the net or some applications on our mobiles we can look for it anywhere and anytime we wish.

Here are some applications that are free and helpful to find a job.


Indeed Job Search App.

It is search-based, making it harder to passively discover new positions. The app also requires you to fill in some job-specific information in order to apply to some positions, including items like cover letters, portfolios and samples. That can be an anxious process when you’re doing all that from a handheld device.



The App not only gives you the jobs and positions available but it helps you find your qualifications by asking you questions about your strengths and other related questions.



The switch is a new kind of job marketplace – mobile-only, convenient and easy to use. It’s a nimble and responsive weapon in your job search arsenal, bringing you positions based on your skills and experience and allowing you to apply via mobile with nothing but a swipe. Quickly import your professional profile from social media and browse and apply at your own pace, with your identity revealed only after you match with an employer. Unlike the major job boards’ mobile apps, Switch is completely mobile and, therefore, doesn’t require you already to have a web account before you can apply.



Very similar to its much-heralded desktop experience, Glassdoor allows mobile users to both access thousands of up-to-date job listings while getting first-hand knowledge of companies from current and former employees. The app is segmented into different categories – jobs, companies, salaries, and interviews – and can feel a little overwhelming to navigate. Much like the Glassdoor desktop experience, the company reviews and employee insights are the attraction here.


Besides the above applications there are other applications that can help you that are similar to the ones mentioned above, such as Snagajob, Simply Hired, cPro Craiglist Free Client.

With so many places to go on the net and the applications on your mobiles, there is no excuse to not finding a job for yourself.

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