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12 Mar
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There is a major at the university that is called Anthropology. The following article will let you know what Anthropology is and what an Anthropologist does.


Who is an Anthropologist?

An anthropologist is a scientist who researches and studies sociohistorical, archaeological, linguistical and biological aspects of humanity, especially as they apply to the development of modern man. In deciphering and analyzing artifacts, ancient languages, and past cultures, anthropologists gain a better understanding of how modern civilizations and behaviors came to be. Theories surrounding anthropological studies are then applied to social policies, public problems, and even government and military protocol.


Where does an Anthropologist work?

Most anthropologists are employed by governments or universities, where they conduct the majority of their research or teach anthropology to college students. Researchers and professors work indoors year round. They traditionally enjoy a regular schedule of work hours, though at times more than 40 hours are required. Much of their time is spent writing reports based on research data and critical thinking related to their field. In addition to teaching and creating course syllabi, professors may also contribute to research teams at major universities.

Fieldwork is necessary for some types of anthropologists. Archaeologists may travel around the world to uncover artifacts to aid in their research. Physical anthropologists will also travel far, studying primates in their natural environments. Scientists in these positions must have the strong physical stamina and be accustomed to working in a variety of weather conditions and climates.


In general, Anthropology is a diverse and holistic field that studies historical and current human culture and societies. Some specific areas of study and research include linguistics, conflict and war, economic development and religion. Although a career in anthropology offers many specialties, consider the positive and negative aspects of the career before committing to your path.

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