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27 Aug
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Another epic boxing night for Floyd Mayweather

The world of boxing witnessed yet another ferocious fight on Saturday, between Conor McGregor, the Irish challenger, and Floyd Mayweather, the undefeated world champion. The Fight had been developing steam for some as the two boxers were scheduled to participate in a 300 million dollar fight. Although McGregor is one of UFC’s most iconic figures, he proved to be worth of fighting Mayweather, as the fight carried on longer than expected. Even though there was no knockout punch until the 10th round, a hasty call by the referee ended the match there and then. With results finalizing in favor of Mayweather, McGregor walked away a worthy opponent for the five-division world champion American boxer. Despite the fact that Mayweather came out of retirement in order to fight his 29 year old opponent, he proved to be invincible once more. As of last night, Mayweather holds a career record of 50 fights without defeat and remains as one of boxing’s iconic personalities.
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