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10 Jan
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Everything in our world is defined somehow to be understandable for us and animals are sometimes used as a symbol of their meanings by countries. In the following text, those animals that are used as symbols for some countries are mentioned.



This powerful animal with its loud roar is a symbol of strength and power. The countries that use the animal to show off their strength are Armenia, Belgium, Bulgaria, England, Kenya, Liberia, Libya, Morocco, and Holland.


The golden eagle

Like a lion that is the king for animals on ground golden eagle is the king of animals in the sky. The countries that have chosen this majestic bird are Albania, Egypt, Germany, Mexico.


The Arabia Oryx

Because of the harsh environment that the Arabia Oryx lives it has a white coat to reflex the sun’s rays and wide hooves to be able to walk on sands easily. The countries with the same harsh situations that have chosen the animal as their symbols are Jordan, Qatar, Oman, and United Arab Emirates.


The tiger

This animal is the biggest and most powerful one in cat’s family and can eat about 88 pounds of meat. The countries that wanted to show off their strength by choosing this animal as their symbol are Bangladesh, Malaysia, Vietnam, and South Korea.


The mute swan

This graceful bird, although is very graceful and quiet, has a great appetite that if not satisfied they will be very aggressive. The countries that have chosen the bird as their symbol are the United Kingdom and Denmark.


The Kiwi

This flightless bird that is found only in New Zealand is, of course, the symbol of the country that proudly claims to have the animal for itself.

The bird is able to run out a human with its powerful legs.


The Emu

This bird is the second largest bird after ostrich and is the symbol of its homeland Australia. The Emu has a special respiratory system to let it cool itself in case of harsh situations.


There are still other animals that are symbols of countries that are going to be mentioned in the next articles.

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