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22 Mar
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During the Hurricane Harvey (see this article), it wasn’t only humans who needed help- the animals were searching for a safe place too. A lot of pictures and videos have published of animal rescuing, showing the sense of solidarity, it was a girl carrying her dog on her shoulders, a man on a boat searching for dogs and other animals in the flood, another man who was climbing the fences to rescue the dogs who were imprisoned, Locals who were trying to save bats that were drowning as water reached the top of a bridge in Houston, a man crying after being rescued with his pets from severe flooding.

A lot of animal rescue groups arrived at flooded areas and searched for the animals in danger, they gathered about a hundred of cats, dogs, birds, pigs and horses and temporarily transformed them to dry areas which have not been affected by a hurricane, Also some photographers were helping to rescue process.

Animal rights groups published a statement asking people to inform them in case of finding an animal in danger, then people started to send pictures, videos of animals needed aid and giving their address.

People who were interested in providing assistance with volunteering, sheltering or transporting could send an email containing their personal information and their available resources.

As animal shelters are overfilled today, one of the Southwest’s airlines filled one cabin with all the rescued animals and sheltered them, after transforming them to California some of them have been reunited their owners but a large group of them are waiting for their owners, they’ve been given a new chance to live, also the rescue groups are providing homes for the animals who don’t have any family or owner.

"We can't assume all these animals are going to be reunited," says the ASPCA's Rickey. "We're certainly hopeful, but we know reality."

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