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7 Oct
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Have you heard about Amish people? If you were an American you would probably know about them but in the following, we introduce you Amish community. Who they are, what they do and what is their belief and also the most interesting is how they live(lifestyle).

No technology

Amish believe the world should stay the way it was created first by God. So, no cars and electricity are found in their communities. So how do they travel and go around? By horse-drawn buggies and they use candles at their houses for lighting their houses.

Rumspringa (running around)

As the word implies when the Amish children are teenagers and they reach the age 14-16 they are free to go outside of the community to the free world and explore the life. They leave their families and loved ones to go and experience life in the world outside of their community. If they choose to live there then they are not allowed to come back anymore and if they choose to go back then they are baptized and stay there forever. Therefore, children in Amish community are baptized after the time of rumspringa.

Eating together

Amish people think that the food they eat should be shared with others, so very often they gather together in a potluck style. Everyone brings something to eat and by doing so they not only enjoy each other’s company but enjoy the food too.

The majority in America

Amish people are originally from Switzerland but after being rejected from the surrounding people they originally moved to the US in Pennsylvania state that has the biggest Amish community. Although some of them have moved to other states such as Ohio and Nebraska to have their own sectors.


In their community men are in charge in the house. They make the important decisions and lead everybody else and women should obey them without any hesitations.

The Amish dating scene

Amish people do not believe in dating a woman and a man. Usually, if a man likes a woman they ride together to talk with each other and if they come to a conclusion then they go for the next step which is engagement.

Engagement period

Unlike the outside of the world, they do not give each other a diamond ring. Instead, the man gives a piece of clothing or China to the woman and after they got the permission from their local church they announce their engagement to others.


Their wedding is also different from the real world in a way that the bride wears a simple dress made from blue linen and the groom wears a plain all black outfit. No flowers or fancy decoration is used because they are thought to be too much for such occasion. Everything is plain and simple and done in a church. After it is done they have a meal together with family and friends to celebrate.


You’ll probably recognize Amish men for their long, uncut beards. But they never ever have a mustache. The reason for this stems back to the earliest days of the Amish, where mustaches were worn by the wealthy and by the military, who often persecuted the Amish and Mennonites living nearby.

Modesty is a defining principle of the Amish, and they are pacifists, strictly against violence and war, so obviously they are against this fashion statement.

No medicine

Because Amish believe that they should only use what God has made them so they do not use the modern medicine. No vaccination for children is done. They believe that it is God’s will that someone will get sick or die and they should not confer with that.


Amish do not send their children to public school. They teach their children bible and human singing and the education goes to the 8th grade only. They do not go to universities or colleges and they just learn the things they need for their lives.


All in all, they are special people with their special belief in God and simplicity in life. They have their special way of lifestyle and appearance that doesn’t heart anybody.


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