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11 Mar
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Have you ever wondered what countries are American’s favorite? Here we have a list of countries that are their like ones.



The most liked country by Americans is, of course, their northern neighbor Canada.

They share the same language and same beautiful places and no wonder that usually Americans like to travel there because it’s easy to go.



What is another country with the same language as Americans? It's the UK that they like to go to the European countries to have fun and spend time in.



After the UK in European countries, Germany is the one that is very much liked by Americans. The modernity and the beautiful places in that country is a great attraction for them.



If we go further to the eastern part of the world the country that most Americans like to go is Japan. Japan is one of American’s allied and they have good relations, therefore, it’s no wonder that Americans like to go there.



Who doesn’t like to go to France and enjoy the romantic air in Paris?

Americans are not exceptions. After the countries mentioned above France is the most favorite country for Americans. They love to go there whenever possible for them.



Among South American countries Americans like to go to Brazil very much. The country with its wonderful tourist attractions is a great place to attract and entertain Americans.


Of course, there are other countries throughout the world where Americans love to go such as South Korea, Mexico, India but these were the ones that they love most.


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