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24 Oct
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Do you know what Americans tweet about most? What are their social issues? Here are the ones that they talk on Twitter every day.


Transportation and commuting time

No matter where we live there is always a problem with the time we spend in the traffic jam on our way to work or back home. How it can get better is the issue that Americans usually talk about on Twitter.


What energy is more reliable

If the electricity turns off suddenly everybody in America starts tweeting and asking about the time that it will be turned on. They keep talking of how solar or wind energy is better to be used for future life.


Equality between men and women

By looking at the ideas exchanged on Twitter you realize how still Americans consider the equality between men and women. The equality between the two gender has always been an issue in the world and Americans are not exceptions.


Forests, rivers and oceans protection

Another talking issue for Americans is that how they can protect their environment more, especially forests and rivers. Climate change As mentioned above Americans does care about their environment and how it can be protected better. The issues that they tweet every day shows that they are eager to discuss pollution, conservation, and clean energy.



Americans tweet about civil rights, freedom of the press, and free speech. Although we think it is the greatest nation with the very high level of freedom the number of tweets shows us how political freedom is a great issue for them.


An honest government

By looking at what they tweet we understand that they are no longer concerned about the republicans or democrats. What they want is an honest and reliable government for their country.



The different subjects that they tweet about relating to education can be from student loan debt or thank teachers. Whatever the subjects talking about education is still of a great importance to their eyes.


No discrimination

America has gone over many years of fighting discrimination between black and whites. The issue is still hot and important for them and it can be said that it comes on the second level of tweeting issues.


Job opportunities

The abundance of tweets—6,838,071 of them, featuring words like unemployed and hiring—landed the subject of better job opportunities at the very top. Unemployment is a big issue for the most modern country in the world.


These were the biggest issues that get a tweet on the net.

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