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13 Sep
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Alternatives travel destinations to mainstream metropolitan vacation

When we talk about travel for a well-deserved vacation, there are certain standards we consider that help us pick the best spot. However, the standards of yesterday are no longer valid for today’s travel and vacation expectations. In turn, that changes the whole picture and in that light of the day, Paris or Bangkok is no longer just good enough as they are. In other words, a good bed and a shopping mall around the corner no longer impress people. In short, modern day travelers are increasingly seeking out unique and alternative destinations that offer different experiences. One of the alternatives to mainstream and, for the most part, metropolitan vacation destinations are back-to-nature tourism options. This does not mean a safari in the middle of Africa per say. That would be on the other end of the spectrum. What this article aims to point out and inform about is the middle ground between congested mega cities and absolute wilderness. There is, in fact, a trend that is growing, which aims at shifting people towards picking quiet reflective destinations that offer the standard bed and breakfast option along with more discrete locations. Below is a list of places around the world that beg a visit, where nature makes you think twice about another trip to London or Venice.
Spain is already a destination for millions of tourists around the world, who dream of one day reaching Madrid, Barcelona and Seville. However, there are some great destinations that are yet to be explored like the untouched Vally of Guadalest. Luxury hotels that are Eco-friendly have made access to this region in Spain a dream come true since prices are also affordable and the hotels are top of the line in their own right.
If you want to go to Thailand, there is the Phuket region, which is infamous for its unparalleled beauty and luxury accommodation. Nevertheless, for those of us who want to relax without the stereotyped shenanigans of the overrated night live, there are the Keenala Bird’s Nests that take you to an unbelievable beauty and unprecedented new way of nesting in trees through the advantage of amazing engineering.
Although the whole African experience can give off its own unique impression, South Africa can offer something of an in-between for people who want to be one with nature without having to get smattered with adventures and safaris. The Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve offers unbelievable options that also include open air rooms. This allows guests to experience luxury hotel options while also bringing the outdoor experience to the table.
Panama is also on the radar when it comes to resorts and the great Caribbean experience. Bocas Del Toro is a secluded region that offers accommodations designed for eco-friendly travelers. Spending a few nights at the Al Natural Resort can provide a revolutionary experience since it offers what is expected of a Caribbean getaway, while providing the outdoor seclusion to die for.
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