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16 Aug
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Allergy is one of those diseases that is very diverse and can be caused by anything and anywhere for individuals. From food to drinks, weather or environment people may have allergies that they are not even aware of.

Pollen, dust, dust mites, mold, mildew, and pet dander were the most common allergens reported by study participants. While 80% took allergy medications, one-quarter of those still had stuffed-up noses, sinus pressure, fatigue, sneezing, or watery eyes, and nearly one-third still had postnasal drip.

It can be a very annoying disease but the bright side is some form of this disease can be controlled if the right treatment is done. If you're suffering from allergies—even after seeing your doc—here are 5 things you might try:

Find out your allergy triggers:

If you want to get rid of all that sneezing and watery eyes of yours, the best one who can help you is yourself. Find out when or where or even what time of the day all those allergy symptoms happen to you. The doctor is not always with you so the only person who is with you all the time is “ you “. Find them out and inform your doctor. For example pay attention to what you eat during a day. If symptoms happen immediately make a note of what you just had or ate. Or even when you go to a place and again symptoms happen remember to tell your doctor about it. So, it can be anything from what you eat, to where you go or even who you meet and what activities that you may do to induce your symptoms.

Make change if necessary:

Ask your doctor about how your symptoms can be minimized. Those changes can be from keeping pets out of certain rooms, covering your mattress, or running the air conditioner to filter out pollens. These are some commonly used and effective allergy countermeasures.

Use corticosteroid sprays if necessary:

Corticosteroid sprays are low –dose prescription for nasal alleviation. Ask your doctor if it is ok to use them. They not only are harmless but at the same time very effective and relieving. So, using them can not be of any risk for your health.

Use the latest therapy:

Make sure to go to a doctor that keeps up with the latest treatments and therapies. Don’t undergo the old version of medication.

Be persistent:

If your symptoms don’t improve then go to your doctor again or check with other specialists to overcome your symptoms.

Allergy can be very frustrating but at the same time it can be controlled as if it never existed.



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