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4 Jan
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Imagine your ideal job. It may be an all-time air traveling around the world. as long as he remembers he was always in love with airplanes and this was the job which Alex Macheras was always dreaming of, and finally it came true!

According to the news, he is an airline analyst. He tests the airplanes before delivering them to the customers. Actually, he tests all the seats, foods, drinks and even juices which will be serving the passengers.

Alex says: I was born with the interests of airplanes. There are a lot of videos of me traveling with airplanes when I was a child. Nobody has done this job before from my family members. They are a chef and motor riding champion.

He used to read a lot of books about airplanes and pilotage when he was a little boy. He even participated in pilot training classes. LBC English radio station sent him a job invitation after releasing an airplane analyzing movie of him on twitter when he was only 14 years old.

He says in news interviews: “I wrote everything about news on twitter when I was 14, then air travel agencies let me fly. I was a little boy at that time and I worked at that station for so many years while nobody knew my age.

His first radio program on station brought him more successes. He was on sky news satellite television when he was 16 and made other contracts with the other airplane analyzing channels. He completed the school part-time and followed his job after school full time.

He’s cooperating with air travel companies to complete new airplanes at this time that he’s 20. The best part of his job is testing the way of flying and cabins of airplanes such as first-class airplanes.

Imagine alone international or intercontinental traveling by Boeing 747 airplane during holidays. He’s using the best services such as best foods and drinks before flying. You may think that this job is all about having fun, that's wrong. He’s really serious about testing airplanes, different airplanes parts, and crews.

He shares his daily experiences on Instagram with 41000 followers and also on Twitter with 10000 followers!

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