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6 Jan
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We all know Albert Einstein but let’s have a brief look at his life and see how he was when he was a child and then on.


Childhood and education

Albert Einstein was born on 14th of March in 1879 in Germany. He was in a Jewish family and when Albert was only one-year-old his family decided to move to Munich because his father and his brother wanted to work together and start a business. It is interesting to know that Albert couldn’t speak fluently until he was three and because of this problem people thought he was retarded.

He first went to a Catholic school and his mother liked him to play the violin but Albert never showed the interest and didn’t do that.

Probably the only thing that grabbed his attention was at the age of five when his father gave him a compass. Albert thought that there should be an energy floating around to have an effect on the gadget.

Besides to his father and his uncle who brought him scientific and philosophic books to help him with his mind, there was a university student who was his family friend and gave him many science articles to read.

With job depression that happened in 1894 Albert’s family moved from Munich to a city in Italy but Albert stayed in Munich to go to a boarding school, but after one term he quit the school and went to Italy to be with his family.

Soon after his father sent him to a school in Switzerland and he finally got his diploma in 1896. During his studying, he stayed in one of his father’s friend’s house who was a professor and he fell in love for the first time with the professor’s daughter.

Finally, he enrolled in poly technique in Zurich and went to that country to continue his studies.

Personal relations

While Albert was in Zurich studying Mileva Marić from Serbia went there to be the first woman studying the major that Albert was studying. They became friends and eventually they married despite Albert’s mother disagreement because Meliva was not a Jew and was older than Albert.

They had three children; one daughter and two sons.

Most of the time they were apart from each other and Mileva with the children were with her own family in Serbia and Albert was alone. Unfortunately, the marriage didn’t stay long and they got divorced in 1919.

In those time Albert started having relations with his cousin Elsa Einstein and finally, they got married. But they never had any children.

Einstein’s relativities

The relativities that Albert found are:

Contraction of length that happens when a thing moves

Slowness of time

And the very famous one the energy equation E=mc2


Albert finally died in 1955 in New Jersey and his brain was moved out to be used for research.

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