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21 Jan
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Have you ever thought while waiting for your flight, the plane that gets you to your destination goes through what steps?

The present article tells you how your plane gets ready.


Parking the plane

After all the passengers are out of a plane it is leading by special conductors into the special place that is for the planes to be parked. Conductors use illuminated lights to lead the plane to the parking ramp.


Hooking up the plane

To get the electricity that is needed for the plane a special unit is connected to the plane to fulfill the job. There is a special tank that is hooked to the plane in order to recharge the plane’s electricity.


Connecting the air-con

Other than the electricity that should be recharged the plane’s air should be kept fresh while parking, therefore; another hooking happens to do so.


Boarding passenger

The passengers inside the plane have jumped up, and they're waiting impatiently in the aisle to get off -- right now.

If the gate is equipped, a passenger boarding bridge is positioned by the forward left-side doors.

Otherwise, truck- or cart-mounted stairs roll up, and passengers experience the excitement of walking down the stairs and onto the ramp, being able to look back at their aircraft.

Smaller regional jets and turboprops sit close to the ground and have stairs built into the inside of the plane's doors, with just a couple of steps to the ramp.


Loading and unloading the cargo and luggage

While passengers are boarding their luggage and bags are being transported to the plane by special people and trucks called “ Rampie”.

It’s an industry for planes that transport the cargo and luggage to and from airplanes.


Stocking up on food

Another thing that gets transported to a plane is the food. It happens while passengers are boarding. The food is transported again by another special people to the plane so that it gets to the passenger when it’s fresh.


 Cleaning the toilets

Perhaps it's not the most desirable ramp job, but somebody's got to empty the plane's lavatory holding tanks, and refill the fresh water system. Just like a recreational vehicle, this doesn't happen during every stop.

Rampies position a truck- or cart-mounted tank and pump unit, and connect hoses to do the work.



Like cars, planes too need to be refueled. Of course, it doesn’t happen at each stop but when it is needed. A connection happens to the plane to refuel the vessel.



Pushback is when an aircraft is pushed backward away from the airport gate by vehicles called tugs or tractors.

Closer to departure, an aircraft tug will park right in front of the nose wheel.

The tug might be directly attached to the plane's nose gear with a tow bar, or could be a "wheel-lift" tug. These tugs cradle the nose gear, then lift it up before moving the plane. That gives the tug driver control over the plane's direction during pushback.

New taxi technologies are appearing, like pilot-controlled tugs, and electric motors mounted to the plane's landing gear. Both promise to save fuel and reduce airport noise.


Ready to take off

When everything is done with the plane and the passengers and the crew are on their seats the plane is now ready to take off.


As you can see there are many hands working together to give you the best service possible when you want to fly to your destination.

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