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30 Oct
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Airplane seats

Airplane seats




As the airplanes are the fastest and the most comfortable form of transportation, we have a lot of questions about them in our mind.

Even if you’re traveling 30 days of the month by airplane, it’s still stressful because if something happens during the flight you can do nothing but scream!

You may not know that flight assistants do anything to reduce your stress amount and keep you calm in order to feel peace and safety. One of the most basic ways is making the seats all color blue; actually, they’re getting help from psychological techniques in order to omit every stressful cause.

If you have ever paid attention you’ve understood that the plane seats are all blue and you’re wondering why?

Your first answer could be because this color can well hide dirt and stains but the main and scientific reason is that the Dark blue color can release relaxing chemicals in the body that make passengers feel better and less stressful.

Color psychology specialists believe that this color refers to peace and let your brain free from stressful thoughts. On the contrary, the Red color refers to a warning.

The Blue is the color of sky and sea which are symbols of peace in our lives and it is also a sign of breathing and heartbeats and that’s why in relaxing time and meditation exercises people use this color. It also brings a faithfulness feeling so people usually use this color at job interviews or any important meeting.

That’s why airlines use the Blue for airplane seats, in the 70th and the 80th-century airline had been ordered to use the red color in cabins but after a while, the order canceled because this kind of warm color bring the sense of rage and anger and excites the emotions. 

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